FAFGA Future Feast

NEW at the FAFGA alpine superior: FAFGA Future Feast.

The FAFGA Future Feast provides 3 days of exciting presentations, master classes and discussions. Expanded by an extensive supporting program. It will be colorful, colorful and full of energy.

Where? Innsbruck Exhibition Center
When? September 16 to 18, 2024


Talks, products, stories

Hall C will be the outlier of all the spots at the fair. Energising, loud, colourful, with multiple impressions and possibilities. The focus is on inspiration and the future of the industry. Trendsetters and faces of the industry will inspire with keynote talks on the topics that excite and polarise.


Knowledge, Masterclasses, Workshops

Knowledge transfer in a framework that allows for development and breaks down boundaries. Easily accessible masterclasses and workshops on the topics of gastronomy, the hotel industry and design. Brought to you by the best minds, brands and companies in their respective fields: culinary, marketing, content, design, architecture, staff.


What does the future hold?

We are focusing on the future. Where is the journey heading, what approaches are there beyond Austria's borders and what do our Austrian flagships and pioneers abroad have to say about it? Exciting exhibitors and partners who are committed.

Further information and the final programme will follow.

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